Nurit Hen 2014 Wedding Dresses


Monday Blues? Pffft! Not if we have a collection as amazing as this to start off the week! Kicking off this week is our spotlight on the Summer 2014 collection by Israeli designer Nurit Hen.

If you ask us, Nurit Hen’s latest bridal collection is the definition of exquisite elegance. These dresses from the Summer 2014 collection are so gorgeous we don’t even know where to start. We’re talking about embroidery that look like works of art, sheer paneling that will make you look twice (or thrice!) and sensual silhouettes that enhance every feminine curve. Here’s the first dose of gorgeousness.

nurit-hen-summer-2014-wedding-dresses-11 nurit-hen-summer-2014-wedding-dresses-15 nurit-hen-summer-2014-wedding-dresses-16 nurit-hen-summer-2014-wedding-dresses-17 nurit-hen-summer-2014-wedding-dresses-18 nurit-hen-summer-2014-wedding-dresses-12 nurit-hen-summer-2014-wedding-dresses-7 nurit-hen-summer-2014-wedding-dresses-1 nurit-hen-summer-2014-wedding-dresses-3 nurit-hen-summer-2014-wedding-dresses-2 nurit-hen-summer-2014-wedding-dresses-10 nurit-hen-summer-2014-wedding-dresses-6 nurit-hen-summer-2014-wedding-dresses-5 nurit-hen-summer-2014-wedding-dresses-8 nurit-hen-summer-2014-wedding-dresses-4

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