Persy Bridal Summer 2015 Wedding Dresses


The exquisite 2014/2015 Persy bridal collection, fitted with lust-worthy silhouettes adorned with incredibly intricate details, including handmade flowers, imported antique lace, pearls and Swarovski stones. Designer Yaniv Persy that his skills through various collaborations with leading international designers honed before founding his own label, aims to create timeless pieces with a unique appeal:

“I believe that every bride who runs my studio wants her imagination, her childhood dream and especially to fulfill her own style. This is the reason why my dresses are a product of design fantasies.”

Persy-bridal-summer-2015-wedding-dresses-01 Persy-bridal-summer-2015-wedding-dresses-09 Persy-bridal-summer-2015-wedding-dresses-06 Persy-bridal-summer-2015-wedding-dresses-05 Persy-bridal-summer-2015-wedding-dresses-03 Persy-bridal-summer-2015-wedding-dresses-04 Persy-bridal-summer-2015-wedding-dresses-07 Persy-bridal-summer-2015-wedding-dresses-08 Persy-bridal-summer-2015-wedding-dresses-10 Persy-bridal-summer-2015-wedding-dresses-11

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