Christos Costarellos Wedding Dresses 2015 Collection


It’s not often that a collection touches us with the perfect mix of vintage romance and fresh, bohemian appeal, and Christos Costarellos 2015 bridal collection is one of them! This elegant collection is super chic and full of charm. The jackets feature unexpected details such as peekaboo and inserts infused with soft colors with contrasting lace appliques, but every look maintains an incredibly delicate and feminine quality.

“The Bridal 2015 Collection of Christos Costarellos combines elegance and sophistication with a neo-romantic character, tastefully which iconic vintage references and the timeless beauty of the past to the present. The dreamy design of the collection subtly combine ancient and traditional Greek styles with other artistic influences and a bohemian feel. With luxurious materials such as embroidery and light fabrics, the collection is the culmination of the brand’s signature use of different types of lace from Europe, masterfully composed and layered in a truly contemporary way. ”

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